Due to the layout and topography of Punta Verde Resort, we would like to inform our guests that the resort is not ideal for PWDs and superseniors.

Getting There

A mere two to three-hour drive from Manila gets you to Punta Verde Dive. There are two suggested routes, either via Batangas City Exit or Ibaan Exit. Rough maps are found below.

The shorter route is recommended only when there are no weather disturbances. This takes about 20-30 minutes off from the total journey trip.  A printable, turn-by-turn version is available for download by clicking on the map.

DO NOT use Google Maps or Waze!
The road connecting Laiya to Lobo is still under construction and impassable.

Shorter Route
(via Ibaan Exit)

For use only when there are no weather disturbances (i.e. storm, heavy rains, flooding).

Please click on the image for turn-by-turn printable directions.

Longer Route
(via Batangas Exit)

Map - Brochure.jpg